The Parent Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Who We Are

We Are The Parent Coalition To End Human Trafficking

We help provide care at every stage of the unthinkable, so that no parent or caregiver has to suffer alone. We offer support, and education to families who are, have been, or at risk of being exposed to human trafficking.

Our philosophy is one of hope, healing and recovering. We want to empower families to rebuild their lives with hope and optimism.

What We do


Our courses are one-of-a-kind therapeutic curriculums designed by those on the front lines of human trafficking to help facilitate hope and meaningful healing within a family.


Highly sought-out international speaker, activist, and founder of PCHT, Susan Young, has deeply impacted and trained thousands around the globe on the realities of human trafficking.

Need Help?

If you suspect trafficking, are in an emergency situation, or have been through the unthinkable and need support, call our 24/7 helpline.

From Our Community.

Stories of Hope

Our partners are from all over the world