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After Susan went through the hellish nightmare of human trafficking, there was a lack of support for her, her husband, and her other children. 

She understands that for parents or other family members facing a human trafficking threat, it can feel like wandering helplessly through the wilderness with no one seemingly responding to your desperate cries for help.

That is why Susan and the PCHT have set up a 24/7 FREE Helpline for parents or other family members affected by human trafficking, where you can access instant help and support.

Please call the number below if:

Whether you need urgent assistance, support in removing your child from risk, or a listening ear after the trauma of human trafficking, we’re here for you.

Last year the PCHT Helpline helped Susan connect to a woman whose family suspected she was trafficked over 25 years ago! Despite being rescued by her sister, a lack of knowledge and education at the time meant that this family could only now take the necessary steps to heal and rebuild their lives.

Set up by a mother whose family lived the hellish nightmare of human trafficking, the PCHT Helpline is open 24/7 to assist families, hope, and empower them to heal – it’s never too late.



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