A Parents Guide to Recovery

A Parent’s Guide to Recovery

 A support curriculum for parents and caregivers who are ready to heal the whole family after a human trafficking experience

When Susan’s eldest daughter was trafficked in 2012, it had a profoundly traumatizing effect on the entire family. They struggled to find support, resources or counsel that they were in so dire need of.

Thus, in 2017 Susan founded the Parent Coalition to End Human Trafficking out of absolute necessity, motivated by her desire that no family ever go through what her family did alone ever again. The PCHT is an organization with a mission to bridge the very terrifying gap between the devastation of human trafficking and holistic family healing. 

A Parents Guide To Recovery (PGTR) is meant to help you take your power back by arming you with critical tools and resources to move forward as a connected family unit.

Who would benefit from this course?

The PCHT coalition is all about parents supporting parents when it comes to processing and healing from the horrors of human trafficking. From younger siblings to parents, to extended family members and caretakers, human trafficking leaves a trail of destruction in its wake that affects everyone and A Parents Guide to Recovery Course was created with the whole family in mind.

Course highlights

  • Written by someone who knows and understands what havoc human trafficking wreaks on on the family
  • Specific indicators to look outf or when siblings need extra support
  • Practical tools to negotiate the chaos of PTSD and the 5 stages of suffering caused by trafficking
  • Therapeutic tools to help process trauma
  • Strategies to help transform chaos to stability in the home
  • Ways to move forward into new healthy rhythms of life as a whole family.

The Parents Guide to Recovery is a six-week self-paced course that guides you through our proprietary Five I’s Process.

The Five I’s Process is an alliteration of I’s to teach five key points that help you move forward in you and your families’ healing journey.

With so much out of your control, this guide will provide you with easy to use tools, techniques, journal assignments, strategies, and weekly coping skills, to empower you to keep fighting for your family.

Course Overview

Week 1

In Week 1 you'll be introduced to our first “I” - isolation - the dangers of it, and how to keep consistent communication in the household. You will begin to learn the strategies needed to start the shift from chaos to harmony and stability in your life.

Week 2

In Week 2 you'll discover the of “I” - identification - and learn the Stages of Suffering. This also includes vital information about signs of sibling trauma to look out for and how to treat siblings of trafficking victims.

Week 3

In Week 3 -identification - you’ll explore the correlation between anger and blame (Stage 3 of Suffering) and learn how to show yourself compassion, understanding and forgiveness.

Week 4

In Week 4 -identification- you’ll be given the tools to process and mourn what you’ve been through so you can move towards the final Stage of Suffering: Acceptance.

Week 5

In week 5 -interpersonal- you’ll learn how to establish clear communication and set healthy boundaries so you and family can finally begin to rebuild your lives.

Week 6

In week 6 -Integration and Independance- you’ll learn how to understand trauma triggers so that you can overcome challenging moments, and you and your family can finally begin to feel safe again

Get Behind the Wheel

Education is the best prevention against human trafficking.

The PCHT’s Get Behind the Wheel course is a preventative curriculum that addresses the myths surrounding human trafficking and provides strategies for families to minimize risk. In the same way that no one would give a teenager a set of car keys without lessons on how to drive first, children and young people need education on navigating the online world safely before being given access to devices. Get Behind the Wheel provides facts and information about victim demographics and the different types of traffickers, ways to identify a healthy relationship, and what alarm bells to watch out for from potential groomers. Get Behind the Wheel is also a guided resource that equips parents to facilitate open family communication and provides practical guidance on the safest ways to confront trafficking situations.


*This soon-to-be-university-accredited revolutionary course was developed by lived-experience expert Susan Young with the help of trauma therapists and experts. It is the first of its kind to provide families and caretakers with the tools necessary to reclaim their lives.

These are guidelines that were taken from a family who suffered from a trafficking circumstance. We understand each family and situation is unique. It may take your family a shorter period of time to recover, or longer, depending on the severity of the situation. These are tools and resources to aid you in your recovery.*

For more information on the PCHT’s A Parents Guide to Recovery or Behind the Wheel course, please fill in the form below, with a short message and we’ll get back to you.