Susan Young, CEO and Founder

‘Prevention education would have saved my family.’ - Susan Young

Susan Young, subject matter expert and surviving parent of human trafficking, has become one of the leading voices on human trafficking awareness today. Governments and industries around the world understand how powerful Susan is in disseminating critical information on the dangers and indicators of trafficking.

Her unique voice and expertise comes from a deeply personal place, as well as her years of research, collaboration, and work alongside other leading experts, doctors, and lawmakers. This has led her to create key resources in helping families start the road to healing.

Her message is one of hope, healing and action. 

Susan speaks around the world, and has participated and led conferences, delivered trainings, and provided mentorship and advisory to all levels of government and industry, including*:

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Tragically, no one is a better subject matter expert than Susan. She has the power to inspire while enacting change.

Susan is available to book for her speaking and training packages. From interviews to workshops, her expertise is vast, and she has trained thousands on the dangers and indicators of human trafficking in the USA and internationally.

Training from Susan is a huge step towards helping to keep your family and your community safe from the dangers of human trafficking.

Susan is available for:

The Parent Coalition to End Human Trafficking believes education is vital for our goal. This education is for EVERYONE, so help us make dents in the darkness of human trafficking by booking Susan to speak to your community today.

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